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A bespoke digital solution that caters to the needs of all schools in transforming the traditional school setting into one that is comprehensively managed online. 

Affordability meets practicality here in allowing schools to evolve to paperless systems that facilitate working relationships between parents, teachers and learners seamlessly, whether working remotely or on site. 

Our unique School Management System aims to surpass the need to facilitate teaching and learning through face to face, virtual and gamified experiences by offering each Institution a customised platform that manages every facet of the teaching/learning process, beginning to end. 

This includes: Timetabling, stationery and uniform orders, event and calendar management, learner administration, grading, homework, attendance, marketing, finance and reporting. 

By leveraging the innovative features of three different solutions and the key components of each, Institutions are able to integrate external services to ensure that no requirement is lost. 

Designed to mirror the corporate identity of the Institution itself, this DigiDmn Solution focuses on building trustworthy relationships with your valuable stakeholders in a Digital Era.

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